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Small School. Big Opportunities.

The strength of the Middlesex community lies in our size. Our small class sizes allow for passionate discussion and debate. Faculty and coaches build relationships with students, making them feel known and needed. Students are excited to engage in countless new opportunities in effort to find their true passion and promise.

The Spirit of Middlesex

hg0088手机登陆We pride ourselves on our close-knit community and generous spirit. Students value engagement and exploration, while also striving to become the best version of themselves. Middlesex is an “opt-in” community; one where students are involved in every part of school life, from athletics to arts to clubs and organizations.

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Athletics at Middlesex

hg0088手机登陆Middlesex athletes go places. They move from the classroom to the field, woods, court, rink, river or slope. They travel together as teams, whether the rival is minutes or hours away. Others bring home New England Championships, reach the summit as All-Americans, or journey on to play at some of the elite college programs in the country.

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Middlesex Parents

We are fortunate to have a strong and caring network of parents and families, who exemplify the strength and vitality of our community, as it exists here in Concord and extends around the country and world.

Academics at Middlesex

hg0088手机登陆Whether exploring the parameters of vector calculus, the human mind in psychology, or the night sky in astronomy, Middlesex students’ academic interests burn brightly– but never out.

Arts at Middlesex

We want our students making art, not just talking about it or passing it by. That’s why we ask them to stow the textbooks for a moment and pick up an instrument, a paint brush, a script.  After all, what is intelligence and discipline without creativity, expression, and a sense of the sublime?

Theatre at Middlesex

If there is a common theme to the Middlesex Theatre Program, it is ambition. We want all students to have appreciation of and participation in the making of theater. We believe that there is no show too big for our stage.

The Writing Program at Middlesex

It is our fundamental belief that each student can learn to write in a clear and fluid style well suited to the nature of his or her own mind.  The writing program ensures that our students acquire a strong foundation in writing that they will rely on at Middlesex and beyond.

Advising at Middlesex

Advisors at Middlesex are like life coaches. They’re prepared to tackle the really big questions – like what classes to take, how to handle a conflict with a friend, or where to go for extra math help.